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Set the TFG2010 target for SmokeFreeGeneration in Singapore


Even smokers, having understood the approach, support the tobacco-free generation approach. So, why not set the target of a tobacco-free generation in Singapore beginning with those born in 2010? The oldest in this generation are only 11 years old now, and hardly any of them smoke or vape. And such a legislation would have no impact on current smokers and would not disrupt the market.

Overcoming misunderstandings of TFG

This has been labelled against TFG in 2016 : “Such a cohort ban would be easy to circumvent, … For example, a person affected by the ban could buy cigarettes overseas, or get an older relative or friend unaffected by the ban to buy cigarettes for them”.

Think beyond : These scenarios exist even with the Minimum Age Law (the affected cohort buying overseas or above 18 buy cigarette for the under 18). They are inappropriate application to negate TFG.

Myanmar Health Digest 2016

We thank the People’s Health Foundation for hosting TFG at the

Asia Sub-Regional Tobacco Control Leadership Program

“Enhancing Tobacco Control Leadership and Policy Implementation”
19 to 25 June, 2016, MingalarThiri Hotel, NayPyi Taw, Myanmar.

The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Myanmar and People’s Health Foundation, developed and implemented a one-week regionalTobacco Control Leadership Program suited to the capacity building needs of these countries in the region. 

Y.O.U.T.H.S’ O.P.I.N.I.O.N

Read these opinion pieces from Singapore youths.

21 Jan 2019 “Implementing no-smoking zones could be problematic as enforcement actions could generate unhappiness and anger among smokers. This may even lead to physical assault or injuries.”

4 Feb 2019 “Birth year-based policymaking sets more ideal standards on the younger generation while still respecting older policies implemented on preceding generations.”

17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health Declarations announced at conference close Dr Harry Lando, Chair of the WCTOH Organizing Committee in 2018

WCTOH 2018 Declarations

  1. We call on governments to unite with civil society to stop tobacco industry interference and accelerate implementation of the WHO FCTC using a whole of government approach.
  2. We urge governments, scientists, research entities, foundations, and civil society organizations to reject or cease engagement with the Philip Morris International-funded Foundation for a Smokefree World and other initiatives of the tobacco industry
  3. We adopt the Cape Town Declaration on Human Rights and a Tobacco-free World
  4. We call on African governments to operationalize the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on financing for development that recommends increasing tobacco taxes as an untapped, sustainable domestic resource mobilization strategy, for accelerating the implementation of the WHO FCTC in Africa
  5. We call on Parties to actively engage in the development of the WHO FCTC Medium Term Strategic Framework and Plan and to endorse them at the forthcoming eighth session of the Conference of the Parties of the WHO FCTC.
  6. We support the concept of a tobacco free generation and commit to empowering youth involvement and advocacy as a means to achieving a tobacco free world.
  7. We call on Finance Ministers to actively support the WCTOH 2018 Declarations by prioritizing sustainable funding for tobacco control and ceasing public and private investment in the tobacco industry.
  8. We call on governments to extend as a priority, fiscal policies to continually decrease the affordability and accessibility of tobacco products
  9. We call on the Parties to the WHO FCTC to integrate gender based data collection and reporting into Party reports to the Conference of the Parties on their implementation of the WHO FCTC by COP9.
  10. We call upon the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to align with the decision of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and end its collaboration with the tobacco industry immediately
  11. We call upon governments to develop a plan by 2021 for phasing out the sale of tobacco products.

Youth pre-conference delegates unite to build a tobacco free generation

President of the Youth Committee, Inge Kleinhans drew the conference to a close, reading the conference declaration: “We commit to the fight against tobacco and call for the implementation of Tobacco Free generation in our time. For this, we propose a birth year of 2010 beyond which children will no longer be able to purchase cigarettes. We commit to support the global tobacco free generation movement, as well as to the creation of Tobacco Free Africa, a youth driven platform with a mandate to facilitate the Tobacco Free Generation movement throughout Africa.

TFG @ Sengkang Primary School, Singapore in 2017

Tobacco Free Generation thank Sengkang Primary School for hosting us in another TFG education session on 16 October 2017 to 660 students, aged 10 to 12. In this event, the children learnt about not being a replacement smoker by watching the easily available, internet materials on secrets of the tobacco industry. We also seen a phenomenal role playing by student Sufian, aged 10 when he role-played as a chronic smoking parent. In this un-rehearsed smoking father role, he committed to stop smoking upon hearing that people will stop blaming him for his smoking. Instead, together, the smoker and non-smoker start protecting the future generation from smoking through the TFG ideology.


Sengkang primary

TFG @ Yuan Ching Secondary School, Singapore in 2017

TFG was invited by Yuan Ching Secondary School to present to their students on 2 August 2017. We shared the rationale and progress of this social movement, with a special emphasis that a core element is not to target smokers who are unfortunately addicted before they are well informed. Compounded by the vulnerable phase of their adolescence where psychosocial maturity lags behind intellectual maturity, they are induced to experiment by ill-intended, social networks, visuals of smokers relishing their cigarettes and insidiously drawn by an extremely addictive chemical.



TFG @ Krabi, Thailand in 2016

Tobacco Free Generation International thank the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) for the invitation to present the Tobacco Free Generation Social Movement at their “Sustaining the Campaign for Smoke Free Cities in the ASEAN” meeting on 13-14 October 2016 at Krabi, Thailand. Presenting the TFG progress were Congressman Joet Garcia, Mayor Francis Garcia and TFG Founder, Dr Koong Heng Nung. Delegates welcomed the approach while others, who have been introduced to the ideology in the past, continue to acknowledge that it is the correct social approach. The Filipino leaders endorsed the socially inclusiveness of this ideology as depicted and nurtured by Dr Koong, the TFG founder.



TFG @ Asean Youth Forum on Tobacco Control, Bangkok, Thailand in 2017

TFG was invited to share at Asean Youth Forum on Tobacco Control, Bangkok Thailand on June 29 – 30. We shared the tobacco free generation message to 80 participants from ASEAN region. The Thai PM and Minister of Tourism and Sports also took time off from their busy schedules to meet the participants. TFG is glad and appreciative of the Thai government’s efforts in protecting the younger generation from the harms of tobacco.






Raffles Girls Primary School, Singapore in 2017

We were invited to Raffles Girls’ Primary School on the 10th April to share the pride of the Tobacco Free Generation. A total of 1200 students attended this assembly session. Through role-playing, we were heartened that these primary school girls clearly identified that those contented-looking smokers outside malls, were actually suffering from withdrawal symptoms, minutes before lighting up. A Primary 5 girl also bravely volunteered on a separate role-playing to bring home the message that we are not antagonistic to a smoker as many, were unknowingly addicted when they were young.


Springdale Primary School, Singapore 2017

We were hosted by Springdale Primary School on April 3 in the continual journey to teach primary school students about nicotine addiction. About 440 students today learnt not just harms of smoking but understand that those seemingly, contented smokers, puffing away their cigarettes, outside shopping malls were troubled by withdrawal symptoms minutes before. These smokers, unfortunately have lost their freedom to nicotine addiction. We also taught students not to be antagonistic to smokers as many were addicted when young.



Teacher’s feedback on TFG in 2017

“The presentation takes on an unique approach to bring across the message of staying clear from tobacco. It strives to instill, within the pupils, a sense of ownership and pride to be the Millennia Generation to stay smoke-free.”

Feedback from a teacher @ one of the schools where TFG was presented.


Yio Chu Kang Primary School, Singapore in 2017

We are pleased to have been invited by Yio Chu Kang Primary School on 27 Feb 2017 to present the TFG programme. It was heartwarming to inculcate the 1100 students from Primary 1 to 6 with keys messages like replacement smokers, the pride of the 21st Century cohort to care for themselves and not to lay blame on current smokers. Thank you leaders of YCK Primary for the support.We are proud to have contributed to the nurturing of your Youth of Character.

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TFG lead student delegation to Balanga City Philippines in 2016

TFG led a delegation of students from Raffles Institution Singapore to Balanga City, Philippines in September 2016. The program is a collaboration between TFG, Raffles Institution and the City of Balanga. RI students interacted with City of Balanga officials to learn more about the administration of a small city in the Philippines, especially in the area of implementation of a community healthcare initiative like tobacco free generation. The students also interacted with student leaders from leading schools in Balanga, exchanging ideas and working on a common themed project. Students were also given the opportunity to participate and lead in presentations to local schools, experiencing first hand community programs.

TFG express our thanks and gratitude to the various parties for making this trip a success, in particular Raffles Institution Singapore, officials from City of Balanga & Bataan National High School, Philippines.



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