This enactment was filmed in 2015 at a sales outlet when the minimum legal age to buy cigarettes was 18 years old (it has been raised to 21 years old in 2021). It illustrated how it became easier for retail staff to help implement the TFG law after a TFG legislation. We imagined that our society had chosen a TFG2000 law, thereby impacting the 2000 and after birth cohorts in 2016. Enjoy the video.

The actors and actresses are youths who strongly support our TFG vision. All have given formal consents for this enactment and have made other TFG videos on their own in order to enhance the tobacco prevention narrative along the TFG principles. We congratulate their exemplary contributions to a tobacco-free world.

Two arguments have been used against TFG in the past: 1. “Could buy cigarettes overseas or get an older relative or friend to buy” 2. “Enforcement is challenging”. We hope this video dispels the latter concern that enforcement is challenging. For the former, those same challenges exist with the current Minimum Age Law too.

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