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DepEd, government agencies support tobacco-free generation initiative : SunStar Pampanga 2018

The TFG Movement in Bataan started in 2016, and has completed its information campaign this year with 44,173 students from 44 junior high schools who committed to never smoke in their lifetime. (PR)

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The World’s First TFG City. 2016/7

Tobacco Free Generation International (TFGi) continues to congratulate and work with the people of Bataan, Philippines on the Tobacco Free Generation Endgame social movement. Starting with a community-wide, TFG tobacco prevention education curriculum in 2015, we shared our materials with the local leaders who continued the education across their entire community. Hard work and perseverance from grass-root leaders like Sir Cholo and his team, Sir Jernie and many others went out to schools to change mind-sets. It is these new generation of youths who then asked for the implementation of TFG principles and policy to protect their future generations.

After a 32,000 persons petition to the local Mayor, the community celebrated with a 16 thousand plus participants, record breaking dance event and received the World’s First Tobacco Free Generation City Award from TFGi.

TFG lead student delegation to Balanga City Philippines in 2016

TFG led a delegation of students from Raffles Institution Singapore to Balanga City, Philippines in September 2016. The program is a collaboration between TFG, Raffles Institution and the City of Balanga. RI students interacted with City of Balanga officials to learn more about the administration of a small city in the Philippines, especially in the area of implementation of a community healthcare initiative like tobacco free generation. The students also interacted with student leaders from leading schools in Balanga, exchanging ideas and working on a common themed project. Students were also given the opportunity to participate and lead in presentations to local schools, experiencing first hand community programs.

TFG express our thanks and gratitude to the various parties for making this trip a success, in particular Raffles Institution Singapore, officials from City of Balanga & Bataan National High School, Philippines.



TFG @ Millennia Kids Program in 2013

Tobacco Free Generation has been an active member of Millennia Kids Program since it started 2013. The program partners – Sengkang Health, Sports SG, Health Promotion Board & TFG each hosts their own programs for the residents of North East Singapore. Ranging from health screening services to educational seminars to sports safety advisory, each partner bring their own expertise to encourage residents to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Each year, the group hosts Millennia Kids Challenge day carnival, bringing young and old in the community together for a day of fun.

Click here for video : TFG @ Millennia Kids Program


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