Tobacco control is a very diverse and extensive subject due to its long history, the multi-dimensional and multi-layered issues stacked on top of each other over the decades and across different societies. An analogy would be not fixing a single layered jigsaw puzzle but one that is multi-layered, 3-dimensional, consisting of uneven-shaped pieces that vary depending on which adjacent pieces you are fixing! There is even a hidden external force pushing back.

These are a sampling of the topics we cover. Developing a mastery in tobacco control and prevention requires patient learning and continual reiterations with us for that impactful public communications, unwavering focus and ultimately healthier future generations.

We have developed the education ecosystem to help your community understand. Even those as young as 16 years old can learn TFG. Contact us.

** item 3-c-iv: Tobacco Free Generation is completely in line with the Human Rights declaration of the United Nations.

“To conclude, we have argued that the tobacco-free generation proposal is compatible with human rights principles. It supports some fundamental rights, including the rights to life, health and a clean environment, and does not unduly violate the rights to liberty, self-determination, privacy or equality.”

” When you make decisions on youth, you need to involve them” Sakkie Du P, South Africa
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