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The World’s First TFG City. 2016/7

Tobacco Free Generation International (TFGi) continues to congratulate and work with the people of Bataan, Philippines on the Tobacco Free Generation Endgame social movement. Starting with a community-wide, TFG tobacco prevention education curriculum in 2015, we shared our materials with the local leaders who continued the education across their entire community. Hard work and perseverance from grass-root leaders like Sir Cholo and his team, Sir Jernie and many others went out to schools to change mind-sets. It is these new generation of youths who then asked for the implementation of TFG principles and policy to protect their future generations.

After a 32,000 persons petition to the local Mayor, the community celebrated with a 16 thousand plus participants, record breaking dance event and received the World’s First Tobacco Free Generation City Award from TFGi.

17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health Declarations announced at conference close Dr Harry Lando, Chair of the WCTOH Organizing Committee in 2018

WCTOH 2018 Declarations

  1. We call on governments to unite with civil society to stop tobacco industry interference and accelerate implementation of the WHO FCTC using a whole of government approach.
  2. We urge governments, scientists, research entities, foundations, and civil society organizations to reject or cease engagement with the Philip Morris International-funded Foundation for a Smokefree World and other initiatives of the tobacco industry
  3. We adopt the Cape Town Declaration on Human Rights and a Tobacco-free World
  4. We call on African governments to operationalize the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on financing for development that recommends increasing tobacco taxes as an untapped, sustainable domestic resource mobilization strategy, for accelerating the implementation of the WHO FCTC in Africa
  5. We call on Parties to actively engage in the development of the WHO FCTC Medium Term Strategic Framework and Plan and to endorse them at the forthcoming eighth session of the Conference of the Parties of the WHO FCTC.
  6. We support the concept of a tobacco free generation and commit to empowering youth involvement and advocacy as a means to achieving a tobacco free world.
  7. We call on Finance Ministers to actively support the WCTOH 2018 Declarations by prioritizing sustainable funding for tobacco control and ceasing public and private investment in the tobacco industry.
  8. We call on governments to extend as a priority, fiscal policies to continually decrease the affordability and accessibility of tobacco products
  9. We call on the Parties to the WHO FCTC to integrate gender based data collection and reporting into Party reports to the Conference of the Parties on their implementation of the WHO FCTC by COP9.
  10. We call upon the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to align with the decision of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and end its collaboration with the tobacco industry immediately
  11. We call upon governments to develop a plan by 2021 for phasing out the sale of tobacco products.

Youth pre-conference delegates unite to build a tobacco free generation

President of the Youth Committee, Inge Kleinhans drew the conference to a close, reading the conference declaration: “We commit to the fight against tobacco and call for the implementation of Tobacco Free generation in our time. For this, we propose a birth year of 2010 beyond which children will no longer be able to purchase cigarettes. We commit to support the global tobacco free generation movement, as well as to the creation of Tobacco Free Africa, a youth driven platform with a mandate to facilitate the Tobacco Free Generation movement throughout Africa.

TFG won an award @ Singapore Healthcare Management 2016

TFG congratulates the Millenia Kids Programme and partners Sengkang Healthcare, Health Promotion Board and Sports SG for winning an award at the Singapore Healthcare Management 2016 for promoting healthy lifestyle program in the community. This partnership showed that TFG can be structured into the preventive health education of schools and win award as we have done across 2013-2014 at Sengkang, Singapore. Sustainability will come when adult leaders in charge of programmes have the foresight to structure it permanently. From here, we worked with the visionary teachers of Raffles Institution, Singapore to incorporate TFG into the GapSemester programme since 2016.


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