“..big-picture radical ideas that seek to propel the tobacco control movement more quickly towards a time when the global tobacco disease pandemic that began in the 20th century will be ended.”

Endgame thinkers are the visionaries of the tobacco control movement.

Khoo and colleagues propose a unique idea: end tobacco sales for those born after a certain date (TFG). Rather than focusing on preventing tobacco sales to minors, with the implicitly attractive ‘forbidden fruit’ message such approaches cannot avoid, the authors argue that their proposal to end sales to anyone born after the year 2000 would minimise immediate impact on stakeholders and allow time for tran- sitions, while being entirely congruent with the tobacco industry ’s assertions that they now seek to market only to existing smokers and not to youth. Interestingly, the authors’ preliminary work suggests strong public support for such an idea. Of course, Singapore is somewhat unique in its regulatory climate, but the idea offers a fresh perspective on ‘youth access’.

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