Our global ambition

We promote the Tobacco Free Generation (TFG) idea across borders by helping anyone to start their own tobacco-free generation movement and assist them to spread the core principles of TFG in their community.

TFG is the umbrella organisation to teach the global tobacco-free generation movement, giving societies, cities and nations, the guidance so that their teenagers lead ground-up activities, supported by adults, organisations and their jurisdiction leaders. The ultimate hope is for this approach to overcome the global conundrums that have arisen from the flawed Minimum Legal Age law.

Who are we?

Based in Singapore, we are made up of doctors, medical students, school principals, teachers and members of the public. Over the years, we also have garnered support from international anti-tobacco experts and their respective organisations. Tobacco Free Generation is now registered as a non-profit entity to enable us to do more for youths globally.

Why the special focus on youth education?

Youths are the future of any society. Every youth passes through a vulnerable phase in their teenage years, wanting to be more independent, develop their self identity and portray their ascension to adulthood.  It is at this phase that many are lured into addictions. We must prevent them from falling prey by more impactful education. Once better educated, they are more influential in keeping their peers from addictions than any older adults.

We conduct school assembly programmes in various countries upon invitation. Besides incorporating preventive nicotine addiction theme, we provide teenagers with a clearer idea of the true culprits behind this addiction.

How did we start?

Following the 2010 publication of the paper, “Phasing-out tobacco: proposal to deny access to tobacco for those born from 2000″, we started working with youths from 2011. We built our internet presence and presented our approach at several international conferences. Since then, we continue to receive endorsement and gain traction across the globe.

From 2014 to 2016, we conducted Youth Summits in Singapore and also organised an annual cycling event to raise awareness to the TFG idea. Cycling enthusiasts made up of CEO’s, doctors, teachers, medical students and even politicians rode around the island to encourage and show support for the tobacco-free generation. From 2016 to 2017, the movement progressed to the international level.

Why is TFGiEndgame so appealing?

The TFG Education Ecosystem has many distinct advantages, including the following:

  1. It does not target addicted, adult smokers but instead, focusses on providing evidence-based tobacco prevention education for kids. 
  2. Smokers, no longer being targeted, support TFG as they do not want their children and future generations to start smoking and be addicted.
  3. This unity of both smokers and non-smokers for a common, healthier future population is more harmonious than the current divisive tobacco control regulations that penalise, alienate and divide our people, allowing the tobacco addiction to prevail.
  4. It is inexpensive and captivating as it mobilises the creativity and social media networks of the young people. 
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