TFG & the Definition of Endgame

Definition of Endgame by Prof Ruth Malone : strategic considerations

Endgame initiatives are designed to change/eliminate permanently the structural, political and social dynamics that sustain the tobacco epidemic, in order to achieve within a specific time an endpoint for the tobacco epidemic

2010 Editorial “Imagining Things Otherwise” by Prof Ruth Malone. Benowitz 1994, Borland 2003, Callard 2005, Khoo (TFG) 2010, Procter, Thomson

2011 The start of the Tobacco Free Generation Endgame Social Movement in Singapore led by the founder.

2012 World Conference On Tobacco Or Health : Endgame in Tobacco Control ” Radically Dangerous, Visionary Leaders or both?” Tobacco Free Generation was very well accepted at this international meeting in Singapore

2013 The start of the Tobacco Free Generation Endgame Education Modules , regional and international growth

2014 Tobacco Free Generation received multiple international endorsement and global traction, multiple End of Conference Resolutions, WCTOH 2015, WCTOH 2018

2015 Tobacco Free Generation Endgame Social Movement started in the Philippines. See TFG Filipinas and search TFG Balanga

2013 May Supplementary Issue Tobacco Control

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