Tobacco-Free Generation is a social movement that re-balances the landscape of teenage smoking and vaping addiction. It started after the concept was published and recognised as an international Tobacco Control Endgame (2011). Thereafter, an international education ecosystem was started from 2012. Since then, thousands of youths from different countries want to be the better educated, Tobacco-Free Generation that do not become ‘replacement smokers’ to the tobacco industry. 

What is TFG?
What is TFGi Endgame?

International organisations and tobacco control experts have also written independently to endorse the concept and social movement. By 2016/2017, we successfully helped create the world’s first Tobacco Free Generation Law. Our increasing global traction is because TFGiEndgame overcomes the many blind-spots that have been holding the world back from eradicating nicotine addiction effectively over the past decades. 

Since the publication of the seminal paper “Phasing out Tobacco” in the Tobacco Control journal (2010) and being recognised as an Endgame (2011), the TFGiEndgame Education Ecosystem entails creating better content, delivery and “deliverer” (BLUE). Thereafter, we had unsolicited, international support at whichever audience type that hears the concept and social movement (A sampling only, BLACK). Thereafter, together with the local leaders and community, we created the world’s first Tobacco Free Generation Law (RED).

With this TFG education ecosystem, our experience is that every stakeholder group across any society has a much clearer perspectives and support TFG. Youths, having learnt TFG, become the generation that say NO to cigarettes/vaping and are able to look after themselves and their peers better.

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