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TFG @ Springdale Primary School

We were hosted by Springdale Primary School on April 3 in the continual journey to teach primary school students about nicotine addiction. About 440 students today learnt not just harms of smoking but understand that those seemingly, contented smokers, puffing away their cigarettes, outside shopping malls were troubled by withdrawal symptoms minutes before. These smokers, unfortunately have lost their freedom to nicotine addiction. We also taught students not to be antagonistic to smokers as many were addicted when young.



Teacher’s feedback on TFG

“The presentation takes on an unique approach to bring across the message of staying clear from tobacco. It strives to instill, within the pupils, a sense of ownership and pride to be the Millennia Generation to stay smoke-free.”

Feedback from a teacher @ one of the schools TFG presented at.



TFG @ Yio Chu Kang Primary School

We are pleased to have been invited by Yio Chu Kang Primary School on 27 Feb 2017 to present the TFG programme. It was heartwarming to inculcate the 1100 students from Primary 1 to 6 with keys messages like replacement smokers, the pride of the 21st Century cohort to care for themselves and not to lay blame on current smokers. Thank you leaders of YCK Primary for the support.We are proud to have contributed to the nurturing of your Youth of Character.

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TFG lead student delegation to Balanga City Philippines

TFG led a delegation of students from Raffles Institution Singapore to Balanga City, Philippines in September 2016. The program is a collaboration between TFG, Raffles Institution and the City of Balanga. RI students interacted with City of Balanga officials to learn more about the administration of a small city in the Philippines, especially in the area of implementation of a community healthcare initiative like tobacco free generation. The students also interacted with student leaders from leading schools in Balanga, exchanging ideas and working on a common themed project. Students were also given the opportunity to participate and lead in presentations to local schools, experiencing first hand community programs.

TFG express our thanks and gratitude to the various parties for making this trip a success, in particular Raffles Institution Singapore, officials from City of Balanga & Bataan National High School, Philippines.



TFG & partners win an award @ Singapore Healthcare Management 2016

TFG congratulates the Millenia Kids Programme and partners Sengkang Healthcare, Health Promotion Board and Sports SG for winning an award at the Singapore Healthcare Management 2016 for promoting healthy lifestyle program to the community in September 2016. This partnership has allowed TFG to inculcate generations of never smokers in the various schools at Sengkang since 2013. We are indeed honoured to be part of this program.



Balanga City Ride for TFG 2016

TFG is honoured to be invited to Balanga City’s Inaugural Ride for Tobacco Free Generation. Congratulations and thank you Balanga City. (photo from Congressman Joet Garcia’s Facebook)

 Ride for TFG balanga

TFG @ NUS Medical Society Community Service Summit

Students from Raffles Institution, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, Raffles Girls’ Primary School and Guang Yang Secondary School came together at the National University of Singapore Medical Society’s Community Service Summit to share the Tobacco Free Generation concept to first year medical students. Held at the Tahir Foundation Building, they hope to inspire these future leaders of health care to join this preventive health care vision aim to stop a pandemic that is expected to kill 1 billion people in the 21st Century.



Tasmanian Survey on Tobacco Free Generation Legislation

As published in Tobacco Control Journal Online First

TCJ TFG in Tasmania support
“Results : Support for the TFG proposal was 75% among Tasmanian adults. Majority support extends across all sociodemographic subgroups, including 72% of current smokers.
Support was higher among females and those educated up to year 12.
Of those aged 12–17 years, 68% supported the TFG proposal, including 64% of those born after the year 2000, who would be directly affected by the TFG proposal.
Support was higher among non-smokers and those born before the year 2000.
Conclusions/implications : There is strong public support for the TFG proposal in Tasmania, even among smokers and people born after the year 2000.”

SCGS World Readiness Conversation Series

World Readiness Conversation Series 2016 is part of Singapore Chinese Girls School (SCGS) Student Leadership Development Program. The program allows students to hear from and dialogue with prominent figures in society on critical social issues. The session aims to engage students to look beyond the confines of their classrooms and consider the roles that they can play in the larger national and global communities.

Tobacco Free Generation is honoured to be part of this on-going series. Thank you Singapore Chinese Girls School.




TFG presented @ Myanmar

Tobacco Free Generation was presented at the South Asia Regional Tobacco Control Leadership Meeting at Nay Pyi Taw in June 2016. We thank the People’s Health Foundation and the Ministry of Health and Sports, Myanmar; the Institute for Global Tobacco Control at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease for hosting.

7-V-22 issued HD

7-V-22 issued HD

TFG @ Millennia Kids Program

Tobacco Free Generation has been an active member of Millennia Kids Program since it started 2013. The program partners – Sengkang Health, Sports SG, Health Promotion Board & TFG each hosts their own programs for the residents of North East Singapore. Ranging from health screening services to educational seminars to sports safety advisory, each partner bring their own expertise to encourage residents to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Each year, the group hosts Millennia Kids Challenge day carnival, bringing young and old in the community together for a day of fun.

Click here for video : TFG @ Millennia Kids Program


TFG @ Raffles Girls Primary School

Tobacco Free Generation was presented  to 1100 girls from Primary 3 to 6 as part of their smoke-free awareness week. This was followed by epitaph writing  for Primary 4, poster design for Primary 5 and pledge writing for Primary 6.

Smoke Free Awareness Week have been part of RGPS’s co-curricular activity since tobacco free generation was first presented to the school in 2012.

We honour these generations of  never smokers from RGPS and also hope that they will influence their peers away from the increasing number of young adult smokers that we are seeing.

TFG logo circular


Massachusetts, Brookline Article Aims to Create a ‘Tobacco Free Generation’

The notion of creating a Tobacco Free Generation is gaining traction worldwide.

2 doctors from Brookline, Massachusetts, are proposing a ban on sales to all persons in Brookline born after 1995, forever.

Balanga City in the Philippines is already way ahead in this, declaring their city to be the first Tobacco Free Generation city in the world on 18 March 2016. Step by step, we are moving towards being a Tobacco Free Generation!

Article from

6th April 2016
By Jenna Fisher for

BROOKLINE – As groups across the state move to increase restrictions on the sale and use of tobacco, two Brookline health professionals want to convince the town to be the first in the country to adopt a “tobacco free generation” policy.

Petitioners John Ross and his wife Megan Sandel are area doctors and see a number of patients with tobacco-related problems. Their warrant article for May’s Town Meeting calls for a ban on the sale of tobacco products to anyone born after 1995. Such a ban would encourage a generation of nonsmokers, they said.

“This is out of character for us,” said Ross. “I never really got involved in Brookline government. I just got fed up with seeing so many patients dying and felt this was a way to get involved and change something.”

Ross is a doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. In addition to being a pediatrician who sees a number of children suffering from smoke-related problems, Sandel is an associate professor of pediatrics at the Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health, the medical director of National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, and a principal investigator with Children’s Health Watch.

In 2014, Brookline raised the smoking age to 21, which some experts say helped lower smoking rates among teenagers at Brookline High School, the TAB reported.

According to a recent survey put out by Brookline’s Health Department, the rate of tobacco use among high school students in Brookline sits at about 5 percent, compared to about an 11 percent in the state and 16 percent in the US.

Still, Ross said the number is still too high.

“I would take the position that tobacco is a drug. It’s a defective consumer product. If it were a new consumer product, there is no way that it would be considered [safe for] sale,” he said.

On average a smoker lives 10 years less than a nonsmoker. And tobacco caused more than 480,000 deaths each year (including deaths from secondhand smoke), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In Massachusetts, tobacco use contributes to the death of 9,300 people and costs $4.08 billion in health care bills each year, according to activist campaign group Tobacco Free Kids, which led a march last month at the capital.

Cigarettes are the number one cause of preventable death in the United States, said Ross.

“People may talk about consumer choice, but this is really an addictive drug on the level of an opiate,” he said. “Tobacco is the only consumer product that kills you when used as directed. There’s no equal in terms of disease and harm it causes.”

At first, the couple hoped to ban the sale of tobacco to everyone in Brookline. But after some thought they decided to scale back.

“We don’t have any desire to put anybody out of business,” Ross said.

Ross and Sandel are proposing a ban of sales to all persons in Brookline born after 1995, forever. That would mean if you are currently of legal age to smoke, you would still be able to smoke, but if not, you wouldn’t be allowed to start.

This would mitigate some of the impact to retailers by decreasing sales by about 2 percent a year, he said, at the same time protecting youth by making it more difficult to start smoking.

“Every day that I come to work, I see people who have been damaged in one way or another by tobacco, COPD, new diagnoses of cancer, heart disease or many of the ways that tobacco can impact your health. At some point I realized the most effective way to treat the ravages of tobacco is to prevent them from happening at all,” he said. “If [the warrant article] did pass, it would be another example of Brookline breaking ground in the fight against tobacco.”

Ross said reaction in the medical and public health circles has been positive. The Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University – which has defended municipalities in the state that have enacted various restrictions on tobacco – has agreed to defend the town pro bono should it run into serious opposition.

“Of course the town has the right to handle its own defense of its legislation, but we would be able to go into court and do the written work and handle that on behalf of that or in conjunction with Brookline if there is a challenge from either retailers or another part of the tobacco industry,” said Mark Gottlieb, executive director of the public health advocacy institute at Northeastern University School of Law.

And there’s a chance of litigation.

“This would be a first of it’s kind. In general the more restrictive a piece of legislation or health policy regarding a tobacco, the more likely it is to be challenged, usually by retailers,” he said.

But he’s optimistic.

“Legally we’re quite confident that this is a strong approach that would be successful,” he said.

In Brookline, small convenience stores are the primary source of cigarettes. It’s unclear what the impact might be on them.

“That’s something that the community carefully needs to review. How does it affect existing businesses?” said National Association of Convenience Stores’ Jeff Lenard, based in Virginia. Lenard added that about a third of convenience store revenue comes from tobacco products.

Ross and Gottlieb seem to have given it some thought.

In late 2014, the town of Westminster toyed with the idea of banning all tobacco sales. That was met with an unpleasant backlash against the board of health, said Gottlieb. The meeting to discuss it was overwhelmed with protestors, he said.

“The Tobacco free generation concept is a much more moderate and very gentle phase out. It’s really just affecting a tiny amount of sales each year. It’s something that gives the retail company a lot of time to adapt to. And ultimately achieve the same goal which is to stop the cycle of youth addiction.”

Some 95 percent of users start using tobacco products before the age of 21, said Gottlieb. “I think this proposal is a very elegant way of achieving a very important health goal. If Brookline adopts this and becomes the first in the nation it will open a lot of eyes across Massachusetts.”


This original article can be viewed here.


TFG @ Woodlands Ring Primary School

TFG is honored to be invited back to speak to students at Woodlands Ring Primary School. Besides videos and Q&A, students were also taught how to address the issue of tobacco addiction with their smoking parents through role playing. Thank you Woodlands Ring Primary.



TFG @ Evergreen Primary School

TFG starts 2016 with an encore presentation to 2 groups of students at Evergreen Primary School. The presentation was reinforced by a teacher who rounded up the message very nicely. Thank you Evergreen for hosting us.


3rd Annual Ride for TFG

Tobacco free generation closes out 2015 with the 3rd Annual Ride for TFG 2000. 120 riders including doctors, teachers, medical students, youths and avid cyclists from all walks of life spent their Saturday morning riding to show support for a new generation of non-smokers. What made this year’s ride special was the participation of representatives from World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the Mayor from Balanga City Philippines, Mr Joet Garcia and his contingent.



TFG @ Evergreen Primary School


TFG had a engaging session with Primary 6 pupils of Evergreen Primary School. Students were quick to grasp the concept of replacement smokers and how they can be the generation that makes a difference by saying NO to cigarettes. Well done Evergreen Primary.


TFG visits Fernvale Primary School

IMG_4193.JPG a

The TFG team presented to Fernvale Primary School at their assembly session. This presentation was also supplemented by mobile displays from National Cancer Center Singapore (NCCS). NCCS is a committed partner for our Tobacco Free Generation Program. Thank you Fernvale Primary and NCCS.


TFG excites School Counsellors

Prof Koong and Dr Ho shared the TFG vision to the school counsellors of the N5 school cluster at Qihua Primary on 21 July 2015.
Their response was fantastic! We are looking forward to rolling out the TFG schools talks in their schools in 2016!

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