We are the Tobacco Free Generation.

Tobacco Free Generation is a social movement that seeks to re-balance the landscape of teenage smoking. Helmed by doctors, medical students, teachers and volunteers, we seek to connect with youths in schools to educate and encourage them to be part of the tobacco free generation and not to fall prey to being ‘replacement smokers’ of the tobacco industry.

Tobacco Free Generation (TFG) encourages teens to be the generation that makes the difference, the generation that says NO to cigarettes and to look after themselves and their peers.


TFG @ Woodlands Ring Primary School

TFG is honored to be invited back to speak to students at Woodlands Ring Primary School. Besides videos and Q&A, students were also taught how to address the issue of tobacco addiction with their smoking parents through role playing. Thank...


TFG @ Evergreen Primary School

TFG starts 2016 with an encore presentation to 2 groups of students at Evergreen Primary School. The presentation was reinforced by a teacher who rounded up the message very nicely. Thank you Evergreen for hosting us.


3rd Annual Ride for TFG

Tobacco free generation closes out 2015 with the 3rd Annual Ride for TFG 2000. 120 riders including doctors, teachers, medical students, youths and avid cyclists from all walks of life spent their Saturday morning riding to show support for a...


TFG @ Evergreen Primary School

TFG had a engaging session with Primary 6 pupils of Evergreen Primary School. Students were quick to grasp the concept of replacement smokers and how they can be the generation that makes a difference by saying NO to cigarettes. Well done...

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TFG visits Fernvale Primary School

The TFG team presented to Fernvale Primary School at their assembly session. This presentation was also supplemented by mobile displays from National Cancer Center Singapore (NCCS). NCCS is a committed partner for our Tobacco Free Generation...

2015 7 N5 Counselor

TFG excites School Counsellors

Prof Koong and Dr Ho shared the TFG vision to the school counsellors of the N5 school cluster at Qihua Primary on 21 July 2015. Their response was fantastic! We are looking forward to rolling out the TFG schools talks in their schools in 2016!

2015 7 Youth Summit

4th Annual Youth Summit

TFG fourth annual Youth Summit was held at CHIJ Toa Payoh Secondary this year. This year saw 11 schools, 117 students and 9 teachers participating. The teachers and students were engaged in presentations and workshops by TFG members as well as...

2015 6 Ash Scotland

2015 Ash Scotland Conference: Towards a...

With 2015 marking the 10th anniversary of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Ash Scotland (Action on Smoking and Health, Scotland) hosted the “Towards a generation free from tobacco: turning the vision into reality”...

2015 7 Asia Pacific student leaders

TFG @ Asia Pacific Student Leaders Forum 2015

TFG had the opportunity to meet with student leaders from the region at the recent Asia Pacific Student Leaders Forum 2015 Networking Lunch held at NUS on 9th June 2015. Yii Zheng Wei, 4th year medical student, NUS, gave a short presentation on...

2014 sengkang primary

TFG @ Seng KangPrimary School

Seng Kang Primary School is one of the schools under the Millennia Kids Program by SengKang Health, Singapore. We handed out Task Cards to the students, encouraging them to explain the concept of replacement smokers, describe the harms of...