Author - HN Koong

TFG : Cultivating Endgame Advocates since 2011. Read Jamie Tam’s 2013 article in Tobacco Control Journal

Effective tobacco endgame education:

▸ inspires questions about why tobacco receives far less attention relative to other public health problems given the magnitude of the epidemic;

▸ asks students why near eradication and minimal exposure remains the desired standard for other public health problems and not for tobacco;

▸ emphasises exploitative corporate practices as barriers to the tobacco endgame;

▸ draws parallels with other public health end- games achieved as with smallpox and polio;

▸ encourages students to think critically about endgame strategies that have already been proposed and generate new ones for consideration.

The World’s First TFG City. 2016/7

Tobacco Free Generation International (TFGi) continues to congratulate and work with the people of Bataan, Philippines on the Tobacco Free Generation Endgame social movement. Starting with a community-wide, TFG tobacco prevention education curriculum in 2015, we shared our materials with the local leaders who continued the education across their entire community. Hard work and perseverance from grass-root leaders like Sir Cholo and his team, Sir Jernie and many others went out to schools to change mind-sets. It is these new generation of youths who then asked for the implementation of TFG principles and policy to protect their future generations.

After a 32,000 persons petition to the local Mayor, the community celebrated with a 16 thousand plus participants, record breaking dance event and received the World’s First Tobacco Free Generation City Award from TFGi.

A reflective piece from a youth who presented TFG in Jakarta. Oct 2018

Age does not determine one’s power when it comes to advocacy and spreading knowledge : Read Jancy’s reflection, 17 year old student.

“I was given the chance to present to a group of university students, aged between 20-23 years old. Being only 17 and only studying in high school, I was not sure how seriously they would take my presentation or how much impact I could bring. I was hesitant and unconfident at the start. However, as I watched Emma, another girl who was on the trip with us, presenting, I suddenly realised that age did not matter. Emma was only a year older than me, yet she had given such a good speech to grasp the attention of the students. I noticed that what had allowed Emma to effectively deliver her message, was her courage and her passion in conveying what she had felt strongly about. In the end, whether we are younger than the audience we are targeting or not, it doesn’t matter. What is important, is our passion and conviction when it comes down to sharing. This inspired and motivated me to be more confident in my presentation. As I presented again at the University of Indonesia, I made sure that my words came from my heart and not from the script I had prepared.” 

“Following this, we had another workshop for kindergarten teachers, at a kindergarten in Bogor. This time, it was teachers we were presenting to. The same however, applies. Age didn’t matter. Regardless of the fact that whom we were presenting to were older than we were, it didn’t change their desire to learn or our desire to share our thoughts and knowledge. I have come to understand that so long as we are passionately pursuing something, that is all that matters. Passion brings people further and passion also connects people.

“Stepping out of my comfort zone and presenting in front of a large group of people has taught me that sometimes it takes courage and a leap of faith to do what we might think is impossible or difficult, to realise that it is actually much simpler and more fulfilling than we think it is.”

Youth Feedback to Tobacco Control Strategies. 2016

Background : Youths are more likely to rebel against messages perceived to inhibit their independence. In order for antismoking campaigns to be effective with this population, adopting evidence-based strategies is crucial. In this study, we examined youths’ reaction to past and ongoing antismoking campaigns, and delineate effective and ineffective components of campaigns as identified by them”

Youths preferred antismoking messages that used a positive tone, low-fear visual images, ‘low-controlling language’ and genuine spokespeople

Progress in Singapore : Lessons and Challenges in the Implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. 2018

Conclusions and Way Forward : Page 116 : “With strong policies backed by strict enforcement, Singapore can go beyond the implementation of the FCTC and consider a proposal towards a tobacco endgame or long- term phasing in of a total ban of cigarettes for individuals born in or after the year 2000”