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Philippines News Agency 2018

“Those who were born in year 2000 pledged not to smoke, sell or attempt to use tobacco. All those who were born before year 2000, however, are expected to support the new generation,” Bea Camille Santos, 18, said.

The student from Balanga City said that the new generation should not discriminate against smokers, rather show them care in the hope that they will stop smoking. (PNA)

TFG & the Definition of Endgame

Endgame initiatives are designed to change/eliminate permanently the structural, political and social dynamics that sustain the tobacco epidemic, in order to achieve within a specific time an endpoint for the tobacco epidemic

2010 Editorial “Imagining Things Otherwise” by Prof Ruth Malone. Benowitz 1994, Borland 2003, Callard 2005, Khoo (TFG) 2010, Procter, Thomson

2011 The start of the Tobacco Free Generation Endgame Social Movement in Singapore lead by the founder.

2012 World Conference On Tobacco Or Health : Endgame in Tobacco Control ” Radically Dangerous, Visionary Leaders or both?” Tobacco Free Generation was very well accepted at this international meeting in Singapore

2013 The start of the Tobacco Free Generation Endgame Education Modules

2014 Tobacco Free Generation received multiple international endorsement and global traction

2015 Tobacco Free Generation Endgame Social Movement starts in the Philippines.

2013 May Supplementary Issue Tobacco Control

Here is a sampling of the various teaching modules that we conduct to audiences from as young as 10 years old to community leaders or parents/grandparents of any age. We can teach a class of 20 to a school hall of 2000 learners, customising the teaching material to their understanding. We will also show much freely available, internet material.

A social movement requires all stakeholder groups across the community/society to be engaged, unite around the ideology and embrace it as the social norm. Has your programme achieve this level of engagement? We can guide you to start this TFG Endgame, educational journey.

Tobacco Industry duplicity laid bare. Philippines 2018

The Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) has slammed the actions of the Philippine Tobacco Institute (PTI) for filing legal challenges to tobacco-free regulations passed by the small city of Balanga.

‘If Philip Morris is genuinely supportive of a smoke-free world, it should be supporting and not opposing Balanga’s efforts to protect present and future generations from the harms of tobacco and nicotine addiction, in line with the global health treaty, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC),’ noted SEATCA FCTC Program Director Ulysses Dorotheo.

Majority textbooks fail to teach tobacco prevention. Saito 2013 British Medical Journal

Study on textbook content from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Benin, Ghana, Niger & Zambia. Only 9% of textbooks had descriptions on tobacco use. Further content analysis was used to evaluate if the textbooks incorporated the 5 core components recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Conclusion : “The poor content .. is squandering .. opportunities to educate .. in Grades 1-9”

TFG : Sadly within the 9% textbooks, majority failed to focus on Resistance & Lifeskills but mentioned consequence of tobacco use. Teaching consequence of tobacco use does not impact kids. This is how education has been failing to impact for decades. 

It is your society’s educational sovereignty to adopt/start a better tobacco prevention ecosystem that comes with the correct ideology, content and evidence based.

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