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Birth-year based, compulsory education law

As we recognise that education is the most important for our future generations, we, in Singapore, made this birth year based law for future cohorts born after 1 January 1991. Shouldn’t we have a birth year based law to protect the health (probably even more important, if not the same as education) of our future generation?

“But majority are non smokers. A big part of the majority are underage”

Congratulations Congressman Joet Garcia. Balanga City achieved prevalence of smoking down to 7% now with a combination of comprehensive smoking prevention strategies, proper implementations and promotion of the Tobacco Free Generation Endgame concept from 2016. In other words, you do not need ENDS/E Cigs. The world need leaders like you who champions public health and confronts the blindspots in current tobacco control measures. The industry uses the Minimum Age Law to the public’s disadvantage.

COURAGE : "Vape is not the answer to the problem of smoking" Hindi sagot and vape sa problema ng paninigarilyo

Philippines TFG Filipinas

PROVINCIAL Hataw Run Bataan Grand TFG Run 6 Dec 2019

From Congressman Joet Garcia : ‘Heartfelt thanks to all who joined the run cob: Hataw run bataan grand ttfg run!

More than 15,000 bataeño woke up early, hataw and running to show their appreciation to healthy lifestyle in the daily workout of the ttfg movement.

The last phase of 2019 hataw run bataan has recorded the most runner in the history of our province! We expect that this program will be more fun and big. Time will come that we can like this in world renowned New York and Tokyo marathon that extends to more than 50,000 runner.

Thank you so much to the provincial government of bataan for the leadership of gov abet, Vice Gov Cris, bokal, Dr. Osang and pho, city government of balanga in leading Mayor Francis, Vice Mayor Vianca, councillors, Dr. Mart and cho, sir cholo and health promotion board, Youth Health Ambassadors, all towns in leading their mayors, barangay officials, Deped in leadership of bataan sds dr. Romeo Alip and balanga sds dr. Ronnie Mallari, all ngas and members in the inter-Agency technical working group.

More thanks to my colleagues at the congressional district office in leadership of cos Jett! The Victory of 2019 hataw run bataan is the fruit of your dedication and diligence to serve.

Long live the bataeño!


TFG2 at Dinalupihan

Well done Dinalupihan team. A very moving video. I saw sincerity, determination, unity, commitment, courage against the tobacco industry and therefore global, public health leadership. Cheers also to the adult leaders of Dinapulihan for standing firm in supporting your fearless youths to protect TFG2 TOBACCO FREE GENERATION, THE FUTURE GENERATION”


"Life without smoking,Brings to healthy living."TFG VIDEO 2020-This video was created to promote Tobacco Free Generation advocacy as well as to share its progress in the Municipality of Dinalupihan. #TobaccoFreeGenerationDinalupihan#TobaccoControlProgram#BayanNgDinalupihan

Posted by Tobacco Free Generation -Dinalupihan on Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Feedback from one of the TFG Singapore team members DY ” Love this! As a former partipant in the TFG movement from Singapore, I am proud to see my Filipino brothers and sisters promoting this movement with such passion and veracity that can only be found in those who truly believe in the cause they fight for. As the current generation, it is our duty to step up and do our part to fight the tobacco epidemic in any way we can. Social media is one of them; it is an excellent way to spread information quickly and effectively. Since many people have access to smartphones and use social media often, I hope that this video will reach as many people as possible, and inspire them to support the TFG movement

Well said DY!

“..simple, bold, legally viable, effective, innovative, can work around the world..” from Public Health Advocacy Institute, USA.

For example “THEREFORE, be it ordained by . . .____________, any holder of a tobacco sales license or permit issued under this chapter or article , or any employee or agent of same, is prohibited from selling, distributing, delivering, offering for sale, or giving away, or possessing with the intention of selling, distributing, delivering, offering for sale, or giving away tobacco products within the municipality to any individual that is under eighteen (18) [or “twenty-one (21)”] years of age or any individual that was born on or after January 1, 2000, (TFGi : OR ANY LATER BIRTH YEAR THAT WILL BE DECIDED BY THAT COMMUNITY ) whether said tobacco is sold, distributed or delivered in person or via vending machine.

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