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More of the same not likely to work: No significant change was found in the rate at which global cigarette consumption had been decreasing after the FCTC’s adoption in 2003, using either ITS or event modelling.

This study finds no evidence to indicate that global progress in reducing cigarette consumption has been accelerated by the FCTC treaty mechanism. This null finding, combined with regional differences, should caution against complacency in the global tobacco control community, motivate greater implementation of proven tobacco control policies, encourage assertive responses to tobacco industry activities, and inform the design of more effective health treaties.

Many Laws with 3 important words “.. ON AND AFTER.. ” Singapore Examples


Second week paternity leave for fathers of Singapore children born AFTER 1 January 2017

Compulsory attendance at a national primary school for a child born AFTER 1 January 1996

The weekly rest day requirements will apply to Work Permits issued or renewed FROM 1 January 2013

Compulsory CareShield Life to start for residents born in 1980 and AFTER

Imagine : Tobacco Free Generation for those born ON AND AFTER 1 January 2010


Using a starting, date-based approach is conventional policy making principle

Time to look at how TFG may be applied

howHow to Apply TFG?

Tobacco-free generation laws ban the sale of tobacco to those born after a specific year and prevent future generations from ever starting to smoke, while not affecting existing smokers.

The tobacco-free generation proposal was made in Singapore as early as 2010, but is now set to be adopted by a foreign country instead. The cities of Balanga in the Philippines and Brookline in the United States also have laws supporting a tobacco-free generation.

Former MP Lee Bee Wah has said that she believes such a generational approach could work.

Laws like Singapore’s that set a minimum age for using tobacco products make smoking seem like something that is acceptable for people of a certain age, when in reality, it is harmful for everyone. Some young people may even see smoking as an act that marks a person’s coming of age, and that is even worse.

Well done! Looking back, why weren’t we successful in preventing smoking initiation?

Difficult to Quit, Perhaps we have failed to prevent
Picture from Health Promotion Board Singapore

While we applaud this gentleman on his 21st try, it must have been an arduous journey. His family must have been very pleased. Many more have challenges in quitting and many others fail.

Let’s revisit our preventive strategies, as societies have not been aligned sufficiently. TFG delivers better methods. Let us help you improve your prevention strategies. It saves a lot more time, effort and anguish.

TFG prevents though an evidence-based, mass-education ecosystem. This form of education should best precede any legislation.

TFG International Timeline (to 2019 only)

Since the publication of the seminal paper “Phasing out Tobacco” in the Tobacco Control journal (2010) and being recognised as an Endgame (2011), the TFGiEndgame Education Ecosystem entails creating better content, delivery and “deliverer” (BLUE). Thereafter, we had unsolicited, international support at whichever audience type that hears the concept and social movement (A sampling only, BLACK). Thereafter, together with the local leaders and community, we created the world’s first Tobacco Free Generation Law (RED).

8.8 times more cited by other publications than average

This publication in Tobacco Control has been cited 51 times. 9% of its citations have been received in the past two years.

Compared to other publications in the same field, this publication is extremely highly cited and has received approximately 8.83 times more citations than average.

Training of Filipino Youths to speak the TFG language

We had the privilege to listen to several Filipino youths present what they understand of the Tobacco Free Generation International Social Movement on 9 January 2021. This was under the leadership of Mr Russel Sarmiento of Dinalupihan, the Republic of Philippines. These youths presented well and confidently. They also added in their independent opinion on how TFG is better and more harmonious in PREVENTION than what the rest of the world is doing now in pushing for legislation that will curb smokers. We learnt this analogy from this Filipino team “The Minimum Age Law creates that Forbidden Fruit effect like how Adam & Eve, in the Garden of Eden, were told not to eat the fruit”. Congratulations to these youths for adding value to the global TFG Endgame narrative. We are proud of you all!

Cultivating Future TFG Leaders@Foon Yew High School, Malaysia

Statue of Confucius at Foon Yew High School, Johor Baru, Malaysia

子曰“因材施教”与“有教无类”。这也是无烟新一代(TFG)的所秉持的教育精神。为了预防年轻人染上烟瘾,TFG团队(Dr Koong, Dr Lynn 和 Emma)于2020年1月16日和2月29日到访位于马来西亚柔佛州的宽柔中学。我们有幸和约20名宽中的学生交流,探讨烟草对吸烟者乃至整个社会的害处,以及TFG将如何克服这些烟草有关的问题。

这是新山宽柔中学同济会副会长,叶姿贤,对分享会的感想:“(TFG团队) 很用心地把TFG倡导的内容传授给学生们,不只是一昧地传授无烟草的概念,更是训练同学们的表达能力以及自信,让他们可以继续感染同侪,从而实现TFG的愿景。当今社会抽烟者日益增加,身为地球的一份子,我们都有责任阻止情况继续恶化。然而,同侪之间的鼓励与渲染是最有效的方式,因此我认为TFG的概念有必要在青少年的圈子里广泛宣导,使抽烟者不再增加,甚至不再有抽烟者出现。如今我们正协力倡导TFG,愿所有人能够一同努力,创造无烟草新一代。”
新山宽柔中学教师,杨珮云老师,对TFG也给予极高的评价:“TFG programme 借由数据、机密文件、传媒包装等,充分展示烟草公司如何欺骗年轻人的手段。课程的信息多元丰富,深入浅出。(TFG团队)耐心地指导学生,学生们具有更大的信心,以一颗刚强谨守的心,拒绝烟草,更在反烟草运动上,寻见自己的能力,奉献个人力量。透过年轻人兴起,表决不吸烟,当无烟草一代的信念已经传递并且凑效,许多生命必然获得拯救。就如课程最后,无烟草世代的宣告:烟草将有末后的时刻,因为“龙”世代的火焰更甚于一支打火机(The blazing fire of the dragon generation is more powerful than a lighter. ) ”

Birth-year based, compulsory education law

As we recognise that education is the most important for our future generations, we, in Singapore, made this birth year based law for future cohorts born after 1 January 1991. Shouldn’t we have a birth year based law to protect the health (probably even more important, if not the same as education) of our future generation?

Philippines TFG Filipinas

PROVINCIAL Hataw Run Bataan Grand TFG Run 6 Dec 2019

From Congressman Joet Garcia : ‘Heartfelt thanks to all who joined the run cob: Hataw run bataan grand ttfg run!

More than 15,000 bataeño woke up early, hataw and running to show their appreciation to healthy lifestyle in the daily workout of the ttfg movement.

The last phase of 2019 hataw run bataan has recorded the most runner in the history of our province! We expect that this program will be more fun and big. Time will come that we can like this in world renowned New York and Tokyo marathon that extends to more than 50,000 runner.

Thank you so much to the provincial government of bataan for the leadership of gov abet, Vice Gov Cris, bokal, Dr. Osang and pho, city government of balanga in leading Mayor Francis, Vice Mayor Vianca, councillors, Dr. Mart and cho, sir cholo and health promotion board, Youth Health Ambassadors, all towns in leading their mayors, barangay officials, Deped in leadership of bataan sds dr. Romeo Alip and balanga sds dr. Ronnie Mallari, all ngas and members in the inter-Agency technical working group.

More thanks to my colleagues at the congressional district office in leadership of cos Jett! The Victory of 2019 hataw run bataan is the fruit of your dedication and diligence to serve.

Long live the bataeño!


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